Learning and Constructive Creativity in Open Space LO29275

From: HJRobles@aol.com
Date: 10/08/02

Replying to LO29267 --

Dear Dan,

I, too, had the transforming experience of attending the Pegasus
conference and can well attest to the powerful format of the World Cafe.
(I'm not familiar with the Open Space approach but will check out the web
site.) I was so impressed with a technique that worked with 700 people as
well as 30. In fact, I am using the approach for an upcoming strategic
conversation with our board of trustees. For those who are interested in
finding out more about the World Cafe method of hosting conversations, the
website is www.theworldcafe.com. An inexpensive resource guide is
available from Whole Systems Associates, -- see info@the worldcafe.com.

As for the conference, I thought it was outstanding because there were so
many participants from so many different backgrounds and countries. I
benefited from the wealth of perspectives. One of the more fascinating
sessions was a systems analysis of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. I
came away with some new systems thinking tools and made some wonderful
contacts with fellow educators. By the way, Pegasus has established a
scholarship in Barry Richmond's name to cover the costs for a teacher to
attend the conference. I was able to benefit from one of their partial
scholarships this time, which made it possible to go because it is an
expensive conference, at least compared to the ones I usually attend.

Harriett J. Robles



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