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From: Jan Lelie (janlelie@wxs.nl)
Date: 10/09/02

Replying to LO29276 --

Hello Barry, At, Dick and other searchers,

I've seen a video of Dr Deming were he opposes TQM is an incorrect phrase
("you don't know what you're talking about"). I think he oppossed Total as
well as Management. His approach - in my view - consists of two parts:
statistical process control and driving out fear.

Kind regards,

Jan Leiie

[Host's Note: I have it on good authority that once when Dr. Deming was
introduced as the "father of TQM" he shouted from his seat "means
nothing." ..Rick]

Barry Mallis wrote:

>I can only smile at your excellent remarks, Dick. I don't use the term TQM
>very much, except as a description of a phase in the maturation of
>business practices in the 80's and 90's.
>Today I am prone to talk about continuous improvement. Deming said that
>once you get into this hospital, you never get out. He was talking about
>getting onto the path of process control as he understood it in his day,
>and I agree with him. His thoughts, as I think you agree, are still very
>relevant -- unless one is some type of parvenu who can only believe in the
>latest -ism or mind food fad, leaving the past to the junk heap, because
>the past contains nothing of value. Not the case.
>Thanks for dropping in, so to speak!
>Best regards,


Jan Lelie <janlelie@wxs.nl>

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