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From: Chris Macrae (wcbn007@easynet.co.uk)
Date: 10/10/02

Replying to LO29282 --

Please could you tell us a bit more about how The World Cafe format
achieves the follow through. I am developing conversational thread in
various Knowledge Management areas along the lines that KM has become
technology introverted, has lost touch with the people within its systems,
and needs to marry with an occasional Open Space or other method where the
people come alive to learn face to face from each other and to renew
networks and wider social understandings of the full human bandwidth of
their peers rather than the narrowwidth mediated by 2 dimensional screens
and a chain of computers

For example, have a look at this track at the European Union


.. and if you agree that humanity needs putting back in KM please feel
free to contribute. Equally if anyone has a short article they would like
posted on why KM must learn more from OL or any of these large group human
interventions etc I would love to post it up at our EU sig on KM &
Emotional Intelligence

I realize that's several requests but all help or links to where people
are debating how we get people back into KM and how we get OL and KM to
review each other's strengths and weaknesses with a view to becoming a
whole of each other's parts would be delightful for me, especially as one
chapter of a book I am writing is currently in this area

chris macrae wcbn007@easynet.co.uk
Transparency Mapping www.valuetrue.com

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>From: "Vana Prewitt" <vana@praxislearning.com>
> I noticed your posting about The World Cafe. I saw Juanita Brown present
> this model at her final oral review at Fielding a couple of years ago and
> will conduct my first one in December. It is a wondeful OL technique.
> I have also used Open Space (studied under Harrison Owen) and find that
> between the two, I like World Cafe better as a way to engage people in
> generating and sharing knowledge, especially tacit. Open Space is a
> better vehicle for getting people in an intact organization to take
> collective action that requires personal commitment and responsibility.


"Chris Macrae" <wcbn007@easynet.co.uk>

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