TQM LO29299

From: Roy Greenhalgh (rgreenh@attglobal.net)
Date: 10/12/02

Replying to LO29295 --


I have just been working with what are called Open College Networks
somewhere in the UK, and the statistics that they count .. and there
aren't many .. include "learners registered" .. not students registered.

Roy Greenhalgh

HJRobles@aol.com wrote:

> Something you said struck a chord with me. When I was researching the
> concept of learning colleges, I asked a number of college presidents,
> deans, etc., about the shift to the new learning paradigm, i.e., the shift
> in focus from teaching to learning. Almost to a person, they said that
> many of their faculty were highly resistant to any mention of the "new
> learning paradigm," even if fundamentally, they actually agreed with it.
> Savvy administrators said that they almost never used the current jargon,
> avoided corporate acronyms such as CQI and TQM, and just quietly went
> about applying the principles without calling them by name. There is
> something to be said for keeping new initiatives on the edge of the radar
> screen, at least until you've laid the foundation for them.


Roy Greenhalgh <rgreenh@attglobal.net>

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