Action Learning and Learning Organization LO29316

From: Arnold Kransdorff (
Date: 10/15/02

Replying to LO29307 --

The list's commentary on Action Learning and The Learning Organization is
instructive, particularly the long list of learning methodologies that
pepper the wider genre of experiential learning, knowledge management and
The Learning Organization. I would go along with the old wine in new
bottles observation.

But a question arises. To my knowledge, none of the techniques
specifically address the problem of imprecise recall contiguous with short
and selective memory, defensive reasoning and the "lost" know-how from
departed employees, which - to my mind - underscores the main weaknesses
of existing methodologies. The indefinite evidence that springs from
whichever of these factors automatically flaws any potential experiential

Does anyone out there know any different?


Arnold Kransdorff


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