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Date: 10/15/02

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Dear Organlearners,

Alan Cotterell <> writes:

>I don't know what 'action learning', or any of the other
>types of learning are. However I suspect many academics
>dream up these titles to push their own professional barrow.

Greetings dear Alan,

It was not always so. This reduction of learning into a facet XYZ of it
and then calling it "XYZ learning" began roughly in the sixties. Since
then it has grown to shocking proportions as the list indicates.

>From a lifetime of attending nightschool, and professional
>experience, I know one thing - all the theory you learn at
>school means nothing until you apply it in a real life situation.

I would agree to it, but i want to take it one step further. One does not
memorise a theory and then find applications for it. One learns first how
to observe and then to create a theory which will explain those
observations. Only thereafter do one seek new applications for that

>I suggest to really learn, you have to DO something
>constructive with the information you have accumulated.
>Even then, it takes real effort to extend the range of this
>information, to be creative.


With care and best wishes


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