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From: Philip Keogh (
Date: 10/16/02

Replying to LO29314 --

Hi At.

I have just finished reading your piece. WOW.

I cannot admit to understanding it all immediately (there is a lot their
to digest and "internalize"), but much of it I do recognise.

Most of what you mention I recognise from the works of Michael Polanyi
(see Personal Knowledge and the Tacit Dimension) and from Stefania Jha's
recent work on Palanyi (see Reconsidering Michael Polanyis Philosophy).
You have however put it eloquently into context and , for me, in a far
more digestible form. For this I thank you.

I look forward to seeing the discussion on this. I find information and
Knowledge a "hot" topic and the perspective one views it from VERY VERY
much depends on the mental models of the person reviewing it.

I would very much appreciate any references you can offer relating to
Knowledge (other than Polanyi's and his related ideas). What is the
"current" thinking on this?

Regards and keep writing

Philip Keogh
Pathology Information Officer
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