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From: Jack Zigon (
Date: 10/17/02

Here are titles of 6 new articles on performance management I've found on
the web and posted to my "Performance Management in the News" page:

* Current Legal Issues in Performance Appraisal
* Make Performance Appraisal Relevant
* Problems to Avoid During Performance Evaluations
* Making the Most of Scarce Reward Dollars
* The Dark Side of 360-degree Feedback
* HR Metrics News

Abstracts and links to the full text of each article can be found at, under "New Articles in
this Issue":

I posted these 21 articles over the last 3 months. They can be found using
our new search engine Enter part or all
of the article title and select "exact phrase" to find the desired article
among the 130+ performance management articles listed:

* Sick of the Hospital Treatment? New Forums Let Your Rate Care
* Motivate Managers to Review Performance
* One Day at a Time
* Real Pay for Performance
* Performance Appraisal: It's the Intent that Counts
* Improving the Quality of Performance Appraisals Through Rater Training
* Multisource Assessment Programs in Organizations: An Insider's Perspective
* Interview with Experts on Performance Documentation
* A Probit Analysis of the Impact of Training on Performance Appraisal
* Ontario Gives Parents and Students Input Into Teacher Appraisals
* Aligning Performance Measurement with Key Management Processes
* How to Conduct a Performance Appraisal
* School Evaluations Revisited
* An Empirical Examination of a Merit Bonus Plan
* Kinder, Gentler Reviews: A Forced Ranking Backlash?
* Does 360-degree Feedback Negatively Affect Company Performance?
* Performance Management: Is It Part of Your Review Strategy This Spring?
* Performance Feedback Boosts Employee Morale
* It is Time to Appraise Our Methods of Appraisal
* Performance Appraisals Don't Work
* Trial and Error -- How to Improve Performance Appraisals

-- Jack

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