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From: Mike Jay (
Date: 10/18/02

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Hi Chris,

I followed the link to and have been looking at some similar
issues in terms of relationships, although certainly not to the extent you
have. I came up with the "7" rules of engagement for the next economy
that is a bit of a different take and of course adds the third win, which
causes us to create a mental model of a generative state (I guess of
entropy<G>), still working on what causes what.<G> I did a audio on the
simple 7 step model, which if anyone would care to listen to...explains my
take on what roles people, business and network relationships take
on--albeit from a business perspective versus a mathematical one.


>Fred - could you amplify a bit ? as a mathematician I assume we all use
>constructs? and organizations use shared constructs as soon as they
>structure information

>I am particularly interested in transparency of information (how clear
>and open assumptions are) in monitoring relationships with stakeholders
> - in a sense all of system knowledge is a mental model
>as is any measurement

>Could you give us an example as to why you are querying the existence of
>mental models? perhaps I've tripped over the vocabulary?


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