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From: Howard Baker (
Date: 10/16/02

Hello from Louisiana!

I would like to introduce you to my latest project. It is a new web site
on organizational learning and leadership.

The web site can be seen at

It contains a new refereed E-Journal on organizational learning and
leadership. It has two sections:
 1. A professional contributions section
 2. A student contributions section.

This site and journal is brand new this week. It is a new sister site to
the weLEAD E-Magazine located at

I would like to invite you to consider submitting an article, or allow us
to reprint an existing piece, in our next issue of the E-Journal. We were
so fortunate to have a piece from Tom DeMarco in our first issue. Tom is
the author of Slack -

Please feel free to send me feedback on the new web site. Also, please
encourage any students you know that might be interested in learning
organizations to submit an article for review.

Thanks for your time!

Dr. J. Howard Baker
Editor E-Journal of Organizational Learning and Leadership
Assistant Professor of CIS
University of Louisiana at Monroe


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