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Date: 10/24/02

Replying to LO29370 --

Dear Chris, dear LO

> I have become fanatical about the idea of Maps without fully knowing what
> I am talking about. A while back I did ask if systems experts ever meet
> - -and train people - at a mapmaking convention - ie looking mainly at this
> learning construct.

On a round ball
A workman that hath copies, can lay
An Europe, Afrique, and an Asia,
And quickly make that, which was nothing, All,
So doth each tear,
Which thee doth weare,
A globe, yea world by that impression grow,
Till thy tears mixt with mine doe overflow
This world, by waters sent from thee, my heaven dissolved so.

John Donne


" Andrew, I cried, -- I calmed myself, --..."
May Rooney, West Africa.

"'A bracelet of bright hair about the bone.'

-in this one thing, all the discipline
Of manners and of manhood contained;
A man to join himself with th' Universe
In his main sway, and make in all things fit
One with that All, and go on, round as it;
Not plucking from the whole his wretched part,
And into straits, or into nought revert,
Wishing the complete Universe might be
Subject to such a rag of it as he;
But to consider great Necessity.'"

John Donne

"There are no hills in the Gambia"
May Rooney's uncle.

" On a huge hill,
Cragged, and steep, Truth stands, and he that will
Reach her, about must, and about must goe;
And what the hills suddennes resists, winne so;"

John Donne

'Andrew,... these things will come, because everything comes with time'

May Rooney, West Africa.

'Free spheres move faster, far than can
Birds, whome the air resists.'

John Donne

For Birds 'read' Angles ;->



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