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Date: 10/28/02

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Dear Organlearners,

Jason Smith <> writes:

>I agree, At, with your comments about the New Politics
>Initiative folks aligning themselves with the old political
>spectrum. It might be enough to dissuade many people
>from participation who could have valuable contributions
>to make. Thanks for pointing this out.

Greetings dear Jason,

Here in South Africa a growing number of people are becoming aware that a
"ruling party versus opposition parties" is not good for democracy,
especially in a multicultural country. Furthermore, the way in which many
politicans reposition themselves to the right, the middle or the left to
get extra political mileage, is fast becoming like a circus.

The problem is how to let minority groups share in the governing of the
country. The ruling party has often a deaf ear to such groups, doing only
what favours itself. In other words, the problem is a lack of learning in
the ruling party. It is also a lack of learning in the opposing parties
because they cannot give a solution to the problem.

I see the problem as one of transforming the legislature into such an
organisation that it can become a learning organisation. With the present
organisation of legislature, it is impossble for it to become a learning

With care and best wishes


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