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Date: 10/28/02

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Dear Organlearners

Doug Serrano <> writes:

>I need help ... are there any good references for solid
>criteria by which to determine whether or not an
>organization is truly a "Learning Organization"? How
>do you know if you are in one or not?

Greetings dear Doug,

I had a look with Google's advance search engine at
< >
In the top window I typed
and in the second window i typed
   learning organisation.
I got some 5 000 hits.

That is far too much to work through when needing rapid help. Senge
wrote in Appendix I of The Fifth Discipline that wholeness is one of
11 patterns essential to a LO. So i added in the top window
   criteria wholeness
I got 38 hits. As i looked at each, i got the uneasy feeling that none of
them had anything on criteria. I had a look at the more hopeful ones
and they certainly had nothing.

So i did something which Don Dwiggens taught us.
In the single line mode i typed in
  measurement "learning organisation" "list of criteria"
I got 5 hits of which
< >
looked promising. Finally, on p22 of the document there is indeed
a list of criteria, not of a learning organisation per se, but of an
innovating organisation. (That ought to be close enough.)

A person may go so crazy with measuring that the trees are seen,
but not the forest. Therefor, i will suggest two criteria which are not
in that list. They cannot be measured, but they can certainly be felt.
(1) Members of a LO share in their metanoia.
(2) Members, as individuals and as teams, are motivated learners,
not by policy from above, but by inner conviction.

Our Bible study group at our parish is a "tacit LO". By tacit i mean that
only i know of the Fifth Discipline and that the group exhibit what is
decribed of a LO. That group definitely meet the two criteria above.

With care and best wishes


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