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Date: 10/28/02

Mental Models and Change LO29390
Picked at random...At wrote

'Perhaps the following will surprise you, but not Alfred Rheeder, Chris
Kloppers and Terje Tonsberg. I can formulate each of the 7Es (seven
essentialities of creativity) as a unique map, i.e., MCT diagram. They
have seen me doing it. All creative activities can then presented as
composite maps made up by these seven maps of the 7Es.'


" -Sometimes he felt very encouraged by them and at other times he didn't.
But he did believe it was possible because in physics you don't always
need an enormous amount of energy to effect a large change that maybe even
a few of these small groups could affect human consciousness."
David Peate speaking about David Bohm in respect of dialogue as a means to
a global 'social' revolutionary;-) vehicle ;-)...

Dear At, LO,

At about ages six or seven I had a completely minor operation, nothing
whatsoever to do with my brain or mind ;-). When I got back to school
something had happened. The others had shifted in 'mathematics'. Things
went from bad to worse and remedial tutoring was called forth, but I never
overcame the incapacity toward mathematics. This was a significant 'point'
on my 'map'. I also had remedial assistance with reading and writing. In
reading and understanding I recall a pivotal moment when I found a book
with pictures...and lo and beold the picture I still have in my mind's eye
;-) right now is of an animal chasing itself round and round, until it
became a vortex. My schoolbooks in those days were covered with the image
of a tornado or spiralling vortex. It became an archetype within me.

In language symbol formation paradox was the 'significant' point...and a
little strange humour to help it go down;-) the boy in a story who
would unpeel a banana, eat the skin while throwing the banana out the
window;-) From that point on I was always making up stories in my head or
mind. Text and images became (con)fused is a special way that I still do
not understand. (Nor do I feel any need to) I recall later sitting in the
classes for religious instruction and being completely amazed at the
photographs of the deserts, the wilderness, the old cities and towns and
the lakes. This morning as an exercise in sewing;-) I picked up some
texts, recalled others from memory and randomly picked on a posting from
the LO mail today (first paragraph) which then literally opened the Bible
at pp607. (Go now to your page 607 and see the picture I refer
to;-) Oh! I see;-) no picture there. Ah! Mmmmmm.

Psalm 139, 14-18.
14 I will praise thee: for I am fearfully
and wonderfully made: marvelous are thy works
and that my soul knoweth full well.
15 My substance was not hid from thee, when I was made in secret,
and curiously wrought in the lowest
parts of the earth.
16 Thine eyes did see my substance yet being imperfect;
and in they book all my members were written,
which in continuance were fashioned,
when as yet there were none of them.
17 How precious also are thy thoughts
unto me, O God! How great is the sum of them.
18 If I should count them, they are
more in number than the sand: when I awake,
I am still with thee

Beside the words;-) and the 'numbers' ( I just miss-typed 'members' as
'numbers' [16] then corrected myself;-) so that you could not see my
error;-) is an image of the wilderness at Sela. The picture is from above
a canyon, it is about midday! I wondered how anyone could get to such a
remote and elevated vantage place. Only this morning, after forty nine
years have I seen the path, twisting its way. Amongst the boulders, crags
and overhangs it appears smooth, very smooth, sufficient to remove shoes.
Below is a dark abyss and above a towering cliff, above that a sky..of

Not so long ago in the company of a friend I had a dream, under a fractal
image;-) and the man said... "Perhaps you will find new life by beginning
to explore what seems to you to be a wasteland with fractal borders to so
many others. I have found in some wasteland the 'tree of emergences', with
entropy production (the arrow of time) as its roots, creativity its stem,
learning its branches, believing-hoping-expecting its leaves and love its
flowers. Do not expect to find the same tree because a wasteland has not
any defined path to follow. Every path leads to different kinds of
extraordinary life. Sometimes you will want to revisit the same plant you
discovered previously, you will get lost. But eventually you may find it
again with a little clear thinking while keeping fear under control."

Ficino wrote, "Wherefore, all the parts of the world, because they are the
works of one artist, the parts of one creation, like each other in life
and essence, are bound to each other in a certain mutual affection so that
it may justly be said that love is a perpetual knot and binder of the
world, the immovable support of its parts and the firm foundation of the
whole creation." (Fifth speech, Chapter 1)

-- " It has not been there, then it was there and now it has gone again "
(-of art)

" Sometimes he felt very encouraged by them and at other times he didn't.
But he did believe it was possible because in physics you don't always
need an enormous amount of energy to effect a large change that maybe even
a few of these small groups could affect human consciousness."

At, you can imagine ;-) Oxford is full of colleges, quads, trees;-) parks,
people, one there is a stone sculpture that I took a friend to
see, by chance this summer. It stands under a window in a chapel. It is a
monolithic figure;-) called 'Lazarus'. (Sir Jacob Epstein) The 'figure' is
both still yet moving. He;-) (is) it;-) (appears) {still} ;-) struggling
to [[be]] < free >




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