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Date: 10/31/02

Replying to LO29413 --

dEAR lo ;-)


> Subject: The Disposition of Information LO29413
> Don and AT,
> I am almost in agreement with Don, he's put the issue very well. And At
> exposed the problem of saying that knowledge is out there. I am thinking
> whether we can grade 'knowing' in some fashion and whether that will help
> us get over this problem of trying to define this hard boundary between
> what is knowledge and what isn't?
> Suppose we temporarily agree with the religious and the spiritual people
> that 'complete knowledge' or the 'whole truth' is something that is only
> for God, the Universal being, Prophets or seers etc. This is intended to
> mean that know mortal knower or collections of knowers (over time even)
> can know everything about anything, let alone about everything. Let us
> assign a grade 10 to the state of perfect knowledge. Then an unconscious
> thing, say a stone, might be said to have knowledge at grade 0. All
> conscious beings would have knowledge which is somewhere in between and
> the grade would depend on what the knowledge is of. But no ungodly
> creature would ever have grade 10 knowledge because everything in the
> universe is connected to everything else and so you can never reach grade
> 10 without knowing everything about everything.

and DP's mouse;-)

The God I know is a 'man'. I have seen him on my 'walks'. I saw him 'only'
last week.
The 'prophets' and 'seers' I 'know' are all 'men' and 'women' and 'children'.

(I will save the 'list' a 'list')
There are no 'discrete' grades '1' to '10'. I 'know' this because I have
never counted them, knot as any number from 'zero' to 'ten' or '0' to '10'
nor do I discount them for that.
If any-one wants I will write (explicate) about a 'thinking' 'stone' but,
maybe like a wise man from India who understands the wisdom of 'Mr Mouse' ;-<
) I'd rather write about another's 'flame' in a 'set' of stones called a
I quote - " In our garden, (Andrew) there was an old wall built of large
blocks of stone, the interstices of which made interesting caves. I used to
ten a little fire that had to burn forever and therefore had to be constantly
maintained by our united efforts, which consisted of gathering the necessary
wood. No one buy myself was allowed to tend this fire. Others could light
other fires in other caves, but these fires were profane and did not concern
me. My fire alone was living and had an unmistakable aura of sanctity."
I am no mathematician but I have something to say.
If 'everything' in the 'universe' is 'connected' to 'everything' in the
'universe' then 'men', 'women', 'children' and 'mice' ARE 'zero' to 'ten' and
back again and 'all' and 'inbetween' 'ten' '10' to the power of [100x100].
At, is that a large number?

in tiredfulness,


'Angel' + 'Meadow' < Love

"Art, science and religious propensities slumber still peacefully and
together in the small child."C.G.Jung. The Spirit in Man, Art and Literature



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