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From: syntagm (syntagm@icon.co.za)
Date: 11/03/02

Replying to LO29311 --

dear LO-friends

Concerning the fragmentation (de-wholing) of learning, At wrote:

>It was not always so. This reduction of learning into a facet XYZ of it
>and then calling it "XYZ learning" began roughly in the sixties. Since
>then it has grown to shocking proportions as the list indicates.

It reminds me of what I am seeing in terms of management ie. the reduction
of (the practice of) management into a facet XYZ of it and calling it
XYZ-management. It may also have gathered momentum in the sixties. The
word or term management now includes an exceedingly large number of
meanings. It stands for everything and means nothing (no <one> thing). Two
things seem increasingly clear: (1) managers are not coping anymore, they
(being under-wholed) are becoming overwhelmed, and (2) the idea that one
person or even a board is managing (determining its becoming) a company is
a redundant and dangerous myth.

learning greetings............chris klopper

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