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Date: 11/07/02

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Dear Organlearners,

Terje Tonsberg <> writes:

>> If i were to think in English, i would become as bad as the
>> English people -- snobs and imperialistic. Can you believe it?
>> Let me try to explain why.
>> I grew up among people who were victims of the terrible
>> British-Boer War (1899-1902) and what they said made
>> me think so.
> I believe it, but why call this a mental model? Why not just
> call it an error in reasoning, a fallacy, an overgeneralization,
> a failure to examine the evidence? Words we are all familiar
>with. The term mental model here adds nothing and explains
>nothing, and only leads to disrupt communication and
>wholeness as I mentioned in my first mail.

Greetings dear Terje,

It is far more than merely a fallacious assumption. It has an intricate
dynamics to it, enough to sustain some political parties for years.

Now, in post apartheid South Africa, many black people who suffered under
apartheid have a similar mental model -- the language Afrikaans is their
enemy. I suspect that this mental model has also a strong influence in the
Plaestine-Israel conflict.

I used the term "mental model" because when in Rome, do as the Romans do

>I do not see any big difference between the explicate or
>implicate, the way to get rid of both errors (if errors is
>what they really are) is through the environment by being
>exposed to counter-examples. Are MMs just errors in
>reasoning? If so, then I suggest that the word be assigned
>to the recycling bin in favour of familiar terms.;-)

What familiar term would you suggest?

The explicate can be talked about, but the implicate not until it has been
articulated from the tacit dimension. I do not think exctly the same as
you. The way to modify them (not get ridof them) is "through the
environment by being exposed to counter-examples." Only thereafter can
they be worked into the backbone of knowledge.

>Thank you for stimulating my thoughts on this issue.

The same here

With care and best wishes


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