doingthefeeling LO29463

Date: 11/05/02

Dear LO,

Well here is an 'artwork' for you all to try.

Experiment with locations: indoors, at office, at home, alone, in company, in
deep loneliness, at busy-bustling party.

Face west.
Place yourself in a unsupported seated position ( eg.not and armchair) , with
your backside about one and a half foot off of the ground.
Place your two hands with palms together between your knees.
Look straight ahead.
Your legs should be on the floor, knees slightly bent so you body makes a
series of gentle angles ;-) from the side view (you'll have to imagine that.)

Record senses after a ten minute period.
Stay longer if you are still comfortable.

Please feel free to report to me any thoughts and/or sensations that emerge
within you. And of course any comments or reactions emerging from people or
animals...for example -- a bird may come and sit upon you ;-) if you are out
of doors.


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