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Date: 11/11/02

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Dear Organlearners,

Barry Mallis <> writes under the
Subject: Jeff Gates, Joseph Beuys, Dying Democracy LO29470

>The many mentions of paradoxical items, such as...
>...recalls the conversations I had with W.J.J. Gordon about
>his "synectics" thinking, and his view that every idea contains
>at its core a paradox.
>Let me fabricate a paradoxical phrase or two, then:
>immutable transformation
>bricks of degeneration
>chiseled solidity
>Think of the endless paradox contained within us humans!
>Profane sanctity
>Sacred profanity
>Deadly good
>unconscious conscience?

Greetings dear Barry,

The way in which you have written on Gordon this time made my hair raise.

But before I proceed, just for the sake of fellow learners. WJJ Gordon was
for me, like A Koestler, one of the few authentic thinkers on creativity
rather than the many trying to sell a "treasure map". Such authentic
thinkers place a high premium on observation.

As a result of your peculiar articulation it suddenly struck me that
Gordon's paradoxes of "synectics" thinking may be his articulation of what
boils down to entropic force-flux pairs! Do you have perhaps any
explanation by Gordon self how he understands the structure and process of
"synectics" paradoxes? I have read his book so long ago that i cannot
recall anything. Please, it is not that i mistrust you, but in a possible
identification case like this i need to be very skeptic and go right down
to the very source itself.

Did Gordon ever mentioned to you that he studied some of the philosopher
Hegel's works?

With care and best wishes


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