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From: Pixie Delite (pixie_delite@hotmail.com)
Date: 11/12/02

Replying to LO29484 --

>"I think that you are completely right for having done it in this way.
>Actually, what you did was to execute the task in a CREATIVE manner such
>that others could benefit in a CREATIVE manner from it."

My turn to laugh now! I remember as part of the same review, my boss told
me how the organisation hired me because they thought I was creative due
to the work I had done in the past, my poetry and painting interests etc.,
but how I had failed to date to show the organisation any creativity and
that all my worked lacked it!

Just as you said, the incidences of this "you are not complying" started
as young as 4 years of age or even before for me. The disconnectedness in
the 7Es is very apparent as you mentioned. In fact one can already begin
to see why upon analysis (as you might have guessed Mr Lange - even though
the emotional side within me has made life uneasy, the rationale seeking
side has been analysing behaviour patterns of both my manager and myself
and trying to see it all for what it is).

The programming certainly is a big part of not only corporate culture but
also it begins, in my opinion, in the guise of learning and educating, way
back when you step into the classroom as a young wee one. OR even way
before, at home and around others -- when everything that is acceptable
socially is encouraged with laughs and claps and everything else punished,
without giving the child the option to decide (given that a child CAN make
sound decisions -- another chain for discussion I think!)

All answers in exams are sought in a set way. The tutor marks you down,
quite often, not on the merits (or demerits) of your input but the fact
that you 'didn't quite put it down as he/she wanted you to' or you skipped
'the points they saw as the appropriate answer' - even if you have given
something that might be thought provoking and accurate.

I remember how once, at university level, I handed in an essay with all
references to myself and my own models and work from before hahaha. to say
the least, the tutor found it challenging to grade. But in the end gave me
no less than an A+ because upon checking my references, he could not find
flaw in the models (even though they were not tested and not written by
someone famous).

Off the track as usual!

As my manager summed it up quite well. "Joy the organisation will try and
mould you into what it wants you to become. It is up to you how you help
this process forward and make it easier for all. The organisation has its
own goals and standards it wants to achieve and thus will continue to try
and mould and build you how it thinks it can achieve its goals. its up to
you really. And if there are issues along the way, the organisation has a
right to review its position with you". Why don't you fire me already I

The sad part of the malfunctioning computer saga is that, Mr Lange, the
pain you receive as a consequence of this malfunction - not from the power
circles - but from those near and dear to you - because they cannot
see.... in the end it is always easier to think that "joy" is a screw up
rather than "most systems joy is encountering are not in sync with her
philosophy" because large systems can't be all that wrong can they!

I have seen the faith of my parents in me fade over the years. I have lost
many friends. I have heard my own parents included laugh at me and be
frustrated with my disposition and think I am only making up excuses each
time to avoid work. I have had teachers -- even within the field of
Systems thinking -- question my potential as a student because of my
learning disability and unfocused mental waves.

But the truth is, in my entire life I have only found one mentor who has
nourished me rightly and made me believe in learning - David Lewis (ex
principal, teacher and great man and friend). After that, I have only seen
a bit of that same light in John Scott (ex teacher and friend) and Jim
Corner (ex teacher and friend).

That is why to most others I have appeared as disruptive, student who
lacks focus, person who has issues completing tasks etc.

I am all that and yet none of that, given the right 'warmth' (don't know
what to call it!).


>Or to use a metaphor from everyday life, it is one thing wanting to eat
>apples, but another thing planting an apple tree and caring for it until
>it bears apples.

To most the very description of how, why and implications of eating an
apple is a project -- not a task. But to me, as you described, the
planting, caring and bearing is the project -- not the blueprinting of the
"thought for action".

>Keep up living true to yourself and your creativity while caring for
>others in the same manner.

Thank you Mr Lange. I try my best to do so. Energy levels run though
inside though being so isolated. That is perhaps one of the subconscious
reasons I am back on LO online. Just to feel that connection again. To
suck if I may from the collective energy pool.

Take care
Joy Vatsyayann
Alias pixie delite
New Zealand


"Pixie Delite" <pixie_delite@hotmail.com>

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