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From: Jan Lelie (
Date: 11/13/02

Replying to LO29478 --

Dear At, dear participants in the great story,

Thanks for the link. We're again picking up elements of a storying
culture. We're weaving the different story-lines into a new picture.
Altough i would have called it The Humble Tale, because we, humble human
beings, are only at the tail of the universe.

Perhaps we should talk about the "Evolving Organisation" as the successor
to the "Learning Organisation". Evolving Organisations know that they
exist in relation with their own environment. They - we - are being
shaped, formed, created by their -our - environment and thereby reshape,
reform and recreate their and our environment.

Take care,

Jan Lelie

AM de Lange wrote:

>I was searching internet for information on the bubonic plaque of
>medieval times. I am trying to find case studies of how humans react
>to cataclysmic events. I used Google's advanced search engine and
>with in the second window
> black death
>i got 130 000 hits -- far too many to work through.
>I had to prune the number of hits. So i used in the first window
> wholeness creativity
>and in the second window
> black death
>This reduced the number of hits to 45 which are too few. But i
>decided to have a look at the interesting ones. The following site is
>interesting. I think it gives a balanced overview of the evolution of
>the universe since the Big Bang with the emphasis on wholeness. The
>author is a Christian, but he succeeds in not getting into theological
>arguments on evolution.
>< >
>Enjoy reading it since it is not too long.
>With care and best wishes,


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