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From: Mike Jay (
Date: 11/13/02


A few months ago, I reported we have been up to some stuff and out of our
work as well as the work of many of you and others, we've launched What I'm looking for as we research an
annotated bibliography for developmentalism, is any reference or papers
that have to do with anything developmental.

If you would send to me, I'll make sure the list has access to the bib
when we launch it after the first of the year. We had more than 2000
people hit the audio introduction I posted to the site on the "Beyond
Coaching" topic that launched "developmentalist."

I have a paper from the MIT/McKinsey sponsored study being done on
Illuminating the Blind spots of Leadership, where Senge and others were
interviewed over the past couple of years and research implications were
noted for "deep learning" as Senge and others call it. We're labeling it
a little different because we're trying to tie things together as Capra
has done in his latest, The Hidden Connections.

You can pick up the paper here:

If you have any comments or anything strikes you about development as it
did before, I'd appreciate hearing from you--good or bad. The feedback is
needed for stretching our thinking as well.

Best wishes,



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