Tacit-intuitive perception of the LO29512

From: Jan Lelie (janlelie@wxs.nl)
Date: 11/14/02

Replying to LO29495 --

You asked:
Is the organisation in which you work a hellish hole or a heavenly
plateau? Is the people with whom you work devils or angels? How much has
your own attitude to do with how others respond to you?

Please do no accept anything i write here, make up your own mind. There is
only one important being in the world. You. (Or in my case: me). And your
own attitude determines for 100% how you respond to others. How they
respond too you is their business. Most people are not consiously aware of
their projections (expectations, mental models, assumptions, roles,
emotions - yes perhaps is e-motion the best word, me motion you) and how
they construct their responses from their own intuitive, tacit, implicit
understandings. We have not been taught, have not learned to look, to
investigate our on thoughts. For a long time it didn't seem necessary.
First we had to survive and now we seem successful, so let's continu in
the old ways. We seemed to flourish as people, organisations and nations
grew, developed. Trying to live up to the expectations of others is so
normal, we do not even notice.

The organisations you work in is anything you assume it is. It only tells
you somethin about the way you perceive reality. But perception doesn't
change reality. The only thing you can change are your thoughts. In my
view, the best way is to support people in their discovery process of the
way they treat themselves to reality. Telling them to think differently
doesn't work, nobody changes his or hers thoughts because i - or you -
tell them to.

LO - the concept - is a vessel. You can pour anything in it. LO is a poor
concept! It is - in my view - a means to awareness, but not awareness
itself. (In Dutch, "waar" is the word for "truth" and also for "goods").
And again: if a person doesn't want to become aware - yet - , it is their
choice. Stay alert, enjoy love,


Pixie Delite wrote:

> So the question is is an LO like the perfection I defined in an essay to
> self a few years ago? Where, perfection = the here and now, as is, with
> you, your experiences, their learning, just the completeness of it all.
> Together, in a given time and space. Just the awareness of it all and how
> it fits together = perfection achieved in that moment? Is LO = awareness
> of life (whatever it may mean to us all individually or as groups_?
> Leaving it here to hear from all and be able to write more later.


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