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Date: 11/16/02

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Hello Group,

Leo said:

>Now we are all talking about the warming earth and the greenhouse
>effects. Both predictions have not changed are personal functioning only
>slightly (or not at all). Is climate change a Paradigm, Mental Modal,
>Misconception, Prejudice, Error, Misjudgement, Dogma, Wishfull- Doom or
>Reductionistic Thinking, Believe, Idea, Opinion, Statement, Proposition,
>Brain Washing, Real or Fantasy.

My comment:

I think this question strikes at the heart of how I feel about using the
MM concept to understand behavior. MMs cannot be objectively observed,
they can only be inferred. As such, they bring you more assumptions as
luggage that you don't need.

Human beings are not computers and should not be assumed to be like them.
When a computer misbehaves it makes sense to look into its hardware and
software, there is no need to look at the environment as long as the
electricity is plugged in.

On the other hand, human beings act on their environment, and try to
achieve valued outcomes from it. Also, the dynamics of its "matter and
mind" is not well understood and hardly ever observable. This is very
different from the computer.

What possible benefit does it have to try to determine what kind of MM a
person has when the only things known are his behavior (including verbal)
and its circumstances?

Even in the case of At's dislike of English textbooks, the solution to
this problem was perfectly functional and observable:

At said:
"I was saved from this MM when, ....a fellow hostel student ... replied
that i will never become a scientist if i keep on avoiding English text

Human beings are not computers.

As far as global warming is concerned, here we are dealing with a warning
of future, uncertain punishment--not a great driver of behavior.
Especially if (supposedly) avoiding it involves sacrificing valued, high
certainty, short-term pleasures for something that makes an infinitesimal
difference towards avoidance -- if any.



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