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From: Damle, Dileep (
Date: 11/18/02

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Dear AT,

You are of course very keen on maintaining that knowledge is in heads and
not external and you are probably right about that. Because it is a
matter of definition. If it was already defined properly, we knew what we
meant by knowledge in an unambiguous way, then one could go and look for
it and say whether it is here, or there or somewhere else.

But your insistence on devaluing information - you say it is dead is a bit
more problematic. Perhaps you would look at the biochemicals that evolved
into life and still continue to operate in the same way. I am no chemist,
but the system of DNA, RNA and transfer RNA etc. relies on the fact that
these chemicals contain huge amounts of information which allows them to
behave in certain ways, in particular to manufacture other chemicals, to
create organs and life. At the level of chemistry they are dead. At the
level of genetics, they are life itself.

I think it is all very well to differentiate between data, Information and
Knowledge, but surely, one must be objective. None of these things seem
to care how you feel about them, but you do seem to have a lot of feeling
for them. Your feelings for human beings are genuinely welcome, but about
abstract definitions?




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