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Date: 11/19/02


    24th McMaster World Congress Update
               January 15-17, 2003
           Hamilton Convention Centre
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The speakers are set!

We would like to take this time to introduce all of the speakers at the
24th McMaster World Congress. This year's lineup looks to be one of our
strongest ever! Along with exciting new features such as the E-Business
Technology Expo, the Knowledge Cafe and the E-Case Competition, this
year's conference should be the best ever.

To take part in this exciting event, be sure to REGISTER NOW! You don't
want to miss this conference! And if you register before NOVEMBER 30,
2002, you can take advantage of our special early bird rates. We want to
see you in January!

We are appearing in a number of media publications in November. Be sure
you pick up copies of:

o Technology in Government
o EDGE (Executive in a Digital Global Economy)
o International Journal of Electronic Commerce
o Canadian Business
o Information Highways

We would also like to thank General Motors of Canada for their sponsorship
efforts. And, we are sure that our speakers would appreciate the
sponsorship of Epson and Tricom in providing presentation solutions for
the event.

We are always looking for help with promotion and sponsorship of the
event. For more information on sponsorship, please check out our website
or email

 Featured Speakers

We are happy to present the keynote speakers for the conference. These
individuals will speak at one of the meals to the entire congress. They
represent the leaders in their respective fields and we are happy to
welcome them to Hamilton this January for the McMaster World Congress.

Allee, Verna
President and Founder, Verna Allee Associates

Amidon, Debra
Chairman and CEO, Entovation International

Edvinsson, Leif
CEO, Universal Networking Intellectual Capital

Pulic, Ante
President, Co-founder, Austrian IC Research Center

Roos, Goran
Founder, Co-founder and Board member of Intellectual Capital Services Ltd

Saint-Onge, Hubert
CEO, Konverge Digital Solutions Corporation

Sveiby, Karl-Erik
Principal, Sveiby Knowledge Associates, and Professor

Balance, Craigge
Finnity Group

Broadhead, Rick
eBusiness Expert and Author

Keen, Petere
Business Author

Wolf, Tom
RBC Financial Group

ICI & EB Practitioner Oral Presentation Track

The McMaster World Congress is proud to bring several leading corporate
executives to Hamilton to speak on their respective fields. These
individuals represent companies executing strategies that formulate the new
trends in the business world.

Ban, Robert
Taylor Leibow LLP

Basadur, Min
McMaster University

Bedi, Nilam
Ministry of Transportation

Boulet, Michelle
Health Canada

Carnegie, Michael

Chapleau, Simon

Cravino, Luis Maria
Saratogo Institute

Falcao, Thomaz
Decision Support System & KM Director, Orbitall

Falconer, James
Eagna Research and Consulting

Finn, Kim
Deloitte and Touche

Garkut, David
Ministry of Enterprise, Opportunity and Innovation

Gold, Robert
Web Trust

Govind, Harry

Gravel, Rejean
Systems and Informatics Directorate,Environment Canada

Gupta, Oliver
Intellectual Capital Services Ltd.

Haynes, Dr. Brian
McMaster Faculty of Health Sciences

Kannan, Gopika
DaimlerChrysler Research Centre India

Langhout, Rose
Management Board Secretariat

Ling, Margarete
Health Canada

Louise-Heron, Anne
Corporate Secretariat, City of Hamilton

Meredith, Karen
Drake International

Pittaway, Jeff
Business Technology Solutions

Richard, Elisabeth
Public Works Government Services

Smith, Peter
Leadership Alliance Inc.

Wallace, Debra
Sun Life Financial Canada

Woolner, Paul

ICI Academic Oral Presentation Track

As the world's leading conference on Intellectual Capital and Innovation,
the McMaster World Congress brings together the world's leading researchers
in the field. We are happy to bring together these outstanding individuals
to present their research.

Al-Ali, Nermien - Franklin Peirce Law Centre
IC Reporting: A Catch 22 or the Future of Corporate Reporting

Andriessen, Daniel - Nyenrode U. (Netherlands)
IC research: Rigor or relevance

Bart, Christopher - McMaster U. (Canada)
IC and good corporate governance

Barrett, Cathy - U. of Central Lancashire (England)
Networking as reputation capital

Beyrouti, Nouri - Lebanese American U. (Lebanon)
Knowledge-based organization: Work environment and creativity

Bhatti, Khalid - Swedish School of Eco. and Bus. Adm. (Finland)
IC reporting: A catch 22 or the future of corporate reporting

Birchall, David - Henley Management College (England)
Innovation management: Getting the act together

Bontis, Nick - McMaster U. (Canada)
KM, IC, HR and IT structural equation mapping

Bose, Sanjoy - La Trobe U. (Australia)
Empirical evaluation of option pricing in IC investments

Bourke, Scott - Swinburne U. of Tech. (Australia)
IC and the knowledge organisation

Campos, Eduardo Bueno - Cuidad U. de Cantoblanco (Spain)
Study of social capital from the perspective of IC

Castro Junior, Manuel Antonio - COPPE/UFRJ (Brazil)
Collaborative Decision Support Based On Intangible Assets

Cowan, Jan - U. of Calgary (Canada)
Knowledge transfer and adoption of innovation

Dalkir, Kimiz - McGill U. (Canada)
Visioning workshops for KM: Role of Concept Analysis and IC

de Araugo, Jillian - Swinburne U. of Technology (Australia)
Leadership as IC expert communities of practice

Devece, Carlos - U. Jaume I. Campus Riu Sec (Spain)
Construction and validation of IC measurement instrument

Engstrom, Truls - Nowegian School of Hotel Mng. (Norway)
Evaluating IC in the hotel industry

Erickson, Scott - Ithaca College (USA)
Risk Framework for KM

Firer, Steven - Monash U. (South Africa)
IC and traditional measures of corporate performances

Guimon, Jose - Autonomous U. of Madrid (Spain)
Comparison of the MERITUM and Danish IC guidelines

Holtham, Clive - City U. Business School (England)
Measurement and reporting of intangibles: European policy perspective

Hupfer, Maureen - McMaster U. (Canada)
Martha Stewart: Angel in the house, marketing maven or goddess of greed?

Jaskari, Johanna - Helsinki U. of Tech. (Finland)
Knowledge constructed in a message

Kolay, Mohit - U. of the South Pacific (Fiji Islands)
Performance criteria as the measure of organizational human capital

Mason, John - Penn State Great Valley (USA)
Organizational culture for change: Innovation and intellectual capital

Mouritsen, Jan - Copenhagen Business School. (Denmark)
Organisational knowledge and the individual employee in the IC statement

Mullett, Mendi - Colorado Technical U. (USA)
Sphere of Relationship (SPoRE): Individual impact on knowledge assets

Ng, Desmond - U. of Alberta (Canada)
Knowledge-based view of strategy: Entrepreneurship and knowledge networks

Ochoa, Luis Martinez - U. de Valencia (Brazil)
Impact of the information about IC in Spanish stock markets

Ordonez de Pablos, Patricia - U. of Oviedo (Spain)
IC statement: Insights from a transcontinental perspective

Ortenblad, Anders - Halmstad U. (Sweden)
Knowledge control

Passiante, Giuseppina - U. of Lecce (Italy)
Managing innovation in a virtual community of creation

Perez Lopez, Susana - U. of Oviedo (Spain)
Culture as a determining factor of OL

Perez-Bustamante, Guillermo - U. of Oviedo (Spain)
Incidence of mission and culture on IC enhancement

Rylander, Anna - Cranfield School of Management (England)
Re-conceptualising strategy in uncertain environments

Sadowsky, John - Grenoble Graduate School of Bus. (France)
Storytelling and HC management: Case of Nick Heys and E-Mail Vision

Steverson, Pamela - Fogelman College of Bus. And Eco. (USA)
Organizational learning and chaos theory

Tovstiga, George - ABB Switzerland Ltd (Switzerland)
Knowledge in organizations: The impact of tribal organizational structures

Viedma Marti, Josep Marķa - Polytechnic U. of Catalonia (Spain)
Measuring IC in the city of Mataro

EB Oral Presentation Track

Electronic Business represents one of the most important aspects of the new
economy. We are pleased to bring together some of the leading researchers in
the field to help develop and discuss emerging e-business trends.

Archer, Norm - McMaster (Canada)
Methodologies and Tools for eBusiness Change Management

Auer, Christoph - University of Graz (Austria)
eMeasurement: An Integrated Concept for Measuring the Performance of

Basu, Sujoya - Indian Institute of Management (India)
Trust building mechanisms at work in the context of virtual teams

Baum, Michael - Bradford University; McMaster (UK; Canada)
Goal-Directed and Experiential Flow Effects on User Experience in Online

Bliemel, Michael - McMaster (Canada)
A Dynamic Model for Trust in e-Business

Boonstra, A. - University of Groningen (Netherlands)
A Methodology for Generating and Ordering E-Business Options

Burton, Suzan - Macquarie University (Australia)
How Managers use E-Mail: A study of Australian and Hong Kong Managers

Chen, Qiyang - Montclair State University (USA)
A Cognitive Framework Of Web Design For E-Learning

Erickson, Scott - Ithaca College (USA)
Protecting E-Business Knowledge Assets in Collaborator Networks

Fernandes, Gary - Carleton University (Canada)
Judging the visual appeal of web pages

Ghasemzadeh, Fereidoun - Sharif University of Technology (Iran)
eCommerce Adoption: A Two Dimensional Maturity Model

Hejase, Hussin - American University of Science & Technology (Lebanon)
An assessment of on-line collaboration among professionals in Lebanese

Hsieh, Raymond - State University of New York at Buffalo (USA)
Privacy and perceived security influence trust in E-surveys

Icli, Gulnur Eti - Trakya University (Turkey)
Consumers' Risk and Risk Reduction Strategies in Internet Shopping

Kunz, Michelle - Morehead State (USA)
Trust Cues of Top 100 US Retailers' Web Sites

Lindgaard, Gitte - Carleton University (Canada)
The impact of interactive technology on worker efficiency: A job assessment

Liu, Liping - University of Akron (USA)
Nomological Validity: Nomological Validity: A Case in Measuring Trust in
Internet Stores

Mieczkowska, Suzanne - Open University Business School (UK)
Not just for dogs: the operations function in e-business

Ramirez, Alex - Carleton University (Canada)
Trust or Assurance: the basis for E-Commerce success

Romano, Aldo - University of Lecce (Italy)
E-Learning For Creating Business Innovation Leadership: The E-Business
Management School Case.

Serenko, Alexander - McMaster (Canada)
Intelligent Agents for eCommerce and Privacy Issues: Building a Framework

Serenko, Alexander - McMaster (Canada)
Agent Toolkits for eBusiness: Towards a Typology

Simons, Luuk - Technical University of Delft (Netherlands)
Developing a Multi Channel Service Model and Design Method

Wang, Shan - McMaster (Canada)
Buyer-Supplier Relationships and the Adoption of Electronic Marketplaces

White, Andrew - Cranfield University (UK)
Electronic Marketplaces: An Empirical Study in the UK Healthcare Sector

Wonglimpiyarat, Jarunee - Nat. Science & Tech. Dev. Agency (Thailand)
Managing financial innovations - Smart Cards

PhD Candidate Oral Presentation Track

For the first time, the McMaster World Congress presents the Doctoral
Consortium, bringing together PhD candidates to present their research to
practitioners and academics and receive feedback from them. We are happy to
welcome the following bright individuals to the first ever Doctoral

Asoh, Derek - Universityof Albany (USA)
An Empirical Investigation Based on Earl's Taxonomy

Dechawatanapaisal, Decha - Asian Institute of Tech. (Thailand)
HRM practices, cognitive dissonance, and the LO environment

Forsman, Maria - Swedish School of Eco. and Bus. Adm. (Finland)
Knowledge Exchange in a Coopetitional Network

Girard, John - Touro University International
Conquering Enterprise Dementia

Haldin-Herrgard, Tua - Swedish School of Eco. and Bus. Adm. (Finland)
The importance of tacit knowledge in a financial firm

Hamori, Monika - Wharton School (USA)
Effect of organizational reputation capital on departing employees' movement

Han, Shengnan - Institute for Advanced Management Systems (Finland)
Individual Adoption of Mobile Commerce Products and Services: A Proposed

Hussi, Tomi - Research Inst. of the Finnish Eco. ETLA (Finland)
Maintenance of work ability as a new framework for improving IC

Kadyte, Vaida - Abo Akademi University (Finland)
Measuring Customer Value and Managing Relationship in the Network Economy

Lasry, Eytan - University of Toronto (Canada)
The Imapct of the Internet and E-Commerce on the Evolution of Oganizations
in Retail

McLaren, Tim - McMaster U. (Canada)
Strategic Fit of Supply Chain Coordination Systems: A Multiple Methods

Osman, Bedour - Osgood, York Univesity (Canada)
Antecedents to Effective Collaboration on Innovation

Qayyum, Muhammed Asim - University of Toronto (Canada)
Analyzing and Synthesizing Markings scribbled on e-documents

Todorovic, Zelimir - Waterloo University (Canada)
Entrepreneurial Orientation of University Departments

Tsygankov, Victor
Building Trust towards an e-commerce site - A framework

Wetsch, Lyle - Queens U. (Canada)
Trust, satisfaction and loyalty in CRM: Application of justice theory

Wang, Fang McMaster U. (Canada)
An Analysis of Web Impacts and relationship Marketing Opportunities

Zhang, Haiyan - McMaster U. (Canada)
Framework for managing human capital of high-tech enterprises in China

Poster Presentation Track

The McMaster World Congress also presents research throughout the day with
poster presentation. We are happy to welcome the following individuals to
Hamilton to share with us their work.

Bechervaise, Neil - Swinburne U. of Tech. (Australia)
Re-searching ideology for strategic advantage

Birchall, David - Henley Management College (England)
Workplace design for effective knowledge work

Brown, Judy - Carleton University (Canada)
The Impact of Tools on the Design Team: Bringing Multiple Design
Perspectives Together

Campos, Eduardo Bueno - Cuidad U. de Cantoblanco (Spain)
The Intellectus Model

Chatzkel, Jay - Progressive Practices (USA)
Knowledge capital: How performance-based knowledge enterprises really get

Firer, Steven - Monash U. (South Africa)
Firm ownership structure and IC disclosures

Ganesh, Jai - Indian Institute of Management (India)
Adaptive Strategies of Firms in High-velocity Environments: The Case of B2B
Electronic Marketplaces

Goshev, Simo Georgiev - McMaster U. (Canada)
The perfect organization of a prosperous business in a changing environment

Han, Shengnan - Abo Akademi University (Finland)
Acquiring Knowledge from the Customers

Husband, Jon - (Canada)
>From hierarchy to wirearchy

Ismail, Mazlan - University Technology of Malaysia (Malaysia)
The Influence of Intellectual Capital on Performance of Telco

Keck, Sara - Pace U. (USA)
Diffusing private knowledge using unrestricted electronic bulletin boards

Kim, Hak Ju
Market Opportunities: The Structure and Value of Modularity

Kong, Eric - Monash U. (Australia)
Human, structural and relational capital: Which comes first in

Krell, Barb - Bow Valley College (Canada)
Leveraging knowledge assets

Li, Xiaoqing - University of Illinois at Springfield (USA)
Group Work in Distance Learning Environment

McLaughlin, Richard - Richard McLaughlin Consulting (England)
Reporting intangible assets

Mendes, Cinthia da Cunha - Instituto de Ensino Superior (Brazil)
Knowledge assests indicators in an academic environment

Mikuleniene, Renata - Kaunas University of Technology
Intellectual Capital Management Model in Knowlegde-Based Organization

Mohan, Avvari - Centre for Borderless Mkts. and Eco. (Malaysia)
Inter-organisational relationships for IC

Morrigan, Patricia - Edith Cowan U. (Australia)
Qualitative knowledge capturing and organizational learning

Mukherjee, Pracheta - Slippery Rock U. (USA)
IP piracy in the marketing of intangibles

Nakra, Prema - Marist College (USA)
CRM technology Initiatives and Challenges

Nichols, Ruth - McMaster (Canada)
The Community of The Ring: Web Communities as a Marketing Tool

Xu, Yijin - Dalhousie University (Canada)
A Hybrid Method for Text Sentiment - Classification

Zahner, Emil - Riverview Drive (Canada)
The art of trying

Zineldin, Mosad - Vaxjo University (Sweden)
Back To The Future: The Era Of Relationships

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EB Program Director
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