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Date: 11/23/02

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> Richard has been very kind and put up a pdf file at

I thought I would occasionally try and follow up this mail with a
different opening perspective to see if I can find a window whose view
inspires you most. If I discover one, do feel free to dialogue with this
group or me at

Window 1

What is the most important assumption around which 21st C organisations
should be designed? I don't know but pretty high up there could be the
idea that anyone can learn from anyone. Suppose for the moment that I
could convince you (footnote) that there is a simple technology - email or
its daughter - that enables this? What would that mean for organisation?
What it should not mean is that everyone is trying to learn from everyone
all the time as that would be chaotic. What we think it does mean is that
everyone should have an open map of who they should be learning from
just-in-time and whom they should share responsibility for just at the
time that behaviours or decisions are being produced from learning. People
to people connectivity of the most productively focused kind as well as
emotionally rewarding.

Imagine for a moment that a company and its community of stakeholders are
systematically connected by an open map through which this learning
dynamic is lived. Wouldn't it be extraordinarily hard to compete against
or think anything bad of such a company where everyone was valuing each
other in an optimal way for what they do now and what they do next?

This then is the exciting journey exploration of knowledgeable
organisational governance of intangibles/people valuation in a network age
which starts at a bookmark such as

Footnote: I have been playing with the idea that email or its descendant
enables anyone to learn from anyone for half my lifetime. For example, in
1983 I co-authored a book with my father deputy editor of The Economist,
timed to celebrate that Orwell's Big Brother prediction for 1984 would be
wrong. In the next 40 years, foretold by our future history The 2024
Report: networking technology would distribute the power of open action
learning to everyone rather than be owned by a few bosses that made
everyone else their slaves. In spite of corporate America's excessive
system follies in the last year, I still believe this to be true. If you
specifically want an article on how anyone can learn from anyone, ask me
for the draft I have published at the EU's main open site for knowledge


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