Mental Models and Change LO29577

From: Jan Lelie (
Date: 11/25/02

Replying to LO29571 --

I'd say it is even stranger: the process of entropy production - change -
is "eye less" but somehow "aware of itself". Without prescience it "knows"
or "senses" that it can produce - or perhaps is procreate more appropriate
- itself "better", "faster" by creating order. So we - watchfull beings -
are "victims" of an outrageous fortune: the order created by entropy
production has become "aware of itself". It took sometime (a billion
years) to reach this conclusion, because entropy forgot to create a manual
too. Or perhaps we came into being to create that manual and speed things

What shall we do: stop this ridiculous process of creating entropy faster
and faster by destroying this world? Or support it and keep on making more
and more ordered systems, like Learning Organisations?


Systhinc wrote:

>The point remains that entropy is created more rapidly within order. No?


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