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From: AM de Lange (amdelange@postino.up.ac.za)
Date: 11/27/02

Replying to LO29586 --

Dear Organlearners,

zeynep ceylan <zeynep_ceylan@yahoo.com> writes:

>As I am having my master's degree, I need some information
>about "Learning Organization" considering Knowledge
>Management, web-based training which should contain the
>21st century's high technology.
>I wonder if you are kind enough to send me some valuable
>information about what I have been looking for urgently.
>Reference books or articles which will be answer to my
>needs will be highly appreciated.

Greetings dear Zeynep,

How will you know that the information which you may get will be valuable?
I think that you will have to search self for the information sources. You
will get a range from junk to precious information. You will need this
range to distinguish between bad, average and good information.

You may begin by searching the web for information. It has already
much and will give you further pointers to paper based information
sources. I suggest that you use Google's adavance search engine at
< http://www.google.com/advanced_search >
Put in the top window
   information technology creativity
and in the second window
   learning organisation
The latter will take you to all sites in which the words "learning" and
"organisation" stand next to each other. There are about 23 000 such
sites. It will take you years to work through all of them. That is why
you put "information" and "technology" in the top window. Google
will then select only sites in which the words "information" and
"technology" occur, not necessarily next to each other.

Unfortunately, the phrase "information technology" has become too
much of a "treasure map" (fashion). You will get 11 200 hits. It will
take you half a year to go through all these sites if you can work
through 100 of them per day. So go back to Google's search window.
Add in the top window
   information technology creativity
and keep in the second window
   learning organisation
Creativity will become a key issue to evolve and not merely survive
during the 21st century. Thus Google will retrieve only sites in which
the three words "information", "technology" and "creativity" occur.

Now click on the button Google Search. You ought to get 2 380 hits.
To work through them will take more than a month. So you will again
have to prune them. Look at the top of the first page of hits. In it you
will find
   information technology creativity "learning organisation"
Now, with a space after .... organisation", add also
"knowledge management" in quotation marks. It is a trick which Don
Dwiggens taught us. Again click upon Google Search. You ought to
get 745 hits as for today. I had a look at the first hit
< http://www.brint.com/OrgLrng.htm >
It had so many interesting articles and of such a variety listed that it
will take days to work through all of them.

Happy searching and deciding which sources are valuable.

With care and best wishes


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