Mental Chains LO29610

Date: 11/29/02

Replying to LO29597 --

My dear Friend At,

You ask,
"Who will put a stop to it?"

No-one, in this world-wide---wide---domain, as long as 'leaders' (sic)
driving to their villas in Jaguars are saying that the world's... and with it
Christ's ...suffering is also found in Porsches.

For some the almost unearthly notion of "both/and" is satisfyingly reducible
to the notion, that you CAN have your cake and eat it.... at the same time.
My 'sensations' tell me that we are in for some deep dying.

How does it look around the world At, Winfried, Hanching, Dan, Mark, DP,
TODAY. How does it look, smell, feel, sound, touch you all...TODAY
At, what sits just beyond the edge of Care?



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