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From: Jan Lelie (
Date: 12/02/02

Replying to LO29613 -- and others,

Dear Rick, writers, learners and readers,

I knew it! This list is an increase of the capacity for effective action,
so we constitute a "Learning Organization".

However, an issue might be that a decrease of the capacity for effective
learning may later lead to insight into the processes behind the not so
effective learning and become in effect a very powerfull way of learning.
So who will call the balls? And when.

For me, it will remain the catchy title of a book,

Kind regards,

Jan Lelie

Richard Karash wrote:

>Mark, reading your words below has given me a hint about why I have a
>reaction to your original comment ("..all organizations are learning
>organizations; show me an organization that does not learn!"). And, why
>you probably have the same reaction to my original comment ("I see the
>Learning Organization as an ideal.")
>You wrote,
>> Let's not confuse learning (the process) with knowledge (the outcomes).
>When I say learning, I _am_ talking about a result, not a process. To me,
>learning is an increase in knowledge, an increase in one's capacity for
>effective action in the world.
>Whatever the process, I don't consider the result "learning" unless it has
>increased our capacity for effective action.
>And, back to one of the original points, I think many organizations... and
>many people... during many periods of time... do not demonstrate learning.
>That is, there is no increase in their ability to produce desired results.

>>>By definition, organizational failure is a failure to learn. It's
>>>relatively easy for us with 20/20 hindsight to see first the organizations
>>>that died and then note where they went wrong. The challenge is to tease
>>>out those principles from the past that help us steer more wisely into the
>>>unknown future.
>>>It isn't easy. Peters and Waterman found good companies and set out good
>>>principles in "In Search of Excellence," and time and events proved them


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