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Things I would add because they might not be explicitly read into your

detection of emerging conflicts should be learnt (scouted for by everyone)
at every cycle of the business, because this is the time to resolve them
before the system compounds them

(if you haven't been operating such a governance system, you will also
need questioning of what's uneconomic which used to be valuable; or what
we would do differently if we started again now; for example the
superficiality and irresponsibility of most marketing communications
models is currently a walking disaster area in most global companies and
causing dire social risks at every locality) In other words ,Naomi Klein
is right in terms of the absolute wastage that marketing communications
budgets are, and as an author of several books on branding, I should have
seen/learnt this earlier

preserve the core and stimulate progress must be in the mind at the same
time as survival, otherwise survival has a way of being the short-termers
crusade for the two opposite reasons: the short-term survival wasnt
actually in doubt, the root cause of lost long-term survival was moving
away from unique value sustainability

Unfortunately, present accounting governance is biased against all good
learning practices indicated above. Operationally intangibles productivity
and network age advantages also require learning to openly connect across
disciplines rather than the opposite behavioural trait now manifest and
also often times all that is practical because people in the company dont
have a common map other than the very numbers which cause separation

Leaders could also learn to be better at serving and managers better at
requiring knowledge-workers to take self- and co-responsibility for
crucial behaviours but that is presumably some double loop learning issue,
perhaps beyond the question's frame of reference

chris macrae

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also at the European Union Open Working Knowledge space

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> Your very thoughtful response raises within me this question: What is the
> purpose of learning in a learning organization? My initial answer is
> framed in Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. Learning should first assure
> (cooperative and competitive) survival and then the higher order purposes
> can and should follow, depending on the desires of the stakeholders in the
> organization.
> How would you (and the rest of the list) respond?
> Joe


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