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From: syntagm (
Date: 12/23/02

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Hello Andrew

I am currently involved with one of our large national banks. Their
homeloans processing function has reached a level of complexity that is
both compelling and scary (depends on where you come from). I think i have
some of the material you are looking for but would like bit more dialogue.
We were going to do ICAM's (internal client agreement measures) but had to
halt the process of describing the internal hand-offs for several
reasons.May i ask for starters: are you working in an environment where
the processes have been formally mapped (i can give examples) or not?

kindest seasonal regards


> Does anyone have internal customer service standards that they would be
> willing to share? My organization is interested in benchmarking companies
> regarding their internal service standards, and for processes of
> measurement against those standards.


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