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From: Jim Marshall (
Date: 12/23/02

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Hi All

Thank you Jan Lellie for an excellent contribution. It has sure got me

I focus on your continuum of coherence-spread.

Consider that an organisation's whole corpus of information (wrong words
but enough for now) as being describable around key dimensions:
coherence and spread are candidates. there are others and I am looking for
help to name them.

I am interpreting 'coherence' and 'spread' as opposite ends of a
continuum: cohernent means that the whole corpus of strategic and policy
positioning with organisational endorsement means there is internal
logical congruence; and 'spread' as infering some pluralism within that
corpus of "schools of thought' or their equivalent.

Another dimension might well be the 'defensability' of the whole corpus.
I mean, does it need a totalitarian form of membership loyalty to keep
adherents there or does it stand calmly in its own right with a rationale
that withstands debate and that is readily tranmissable and replicable.

And another one: how is 'orthodoxy' determined - by the CEO or Pope or
equivalent (i.e. by appeal to an authority) or by consensus in an open
domain? What is the politics and process for resolving puzzles and

so 'coherence-spread' and other imensions are features of a corpus of
information - it's not just the contents of book but the grist in a
dynamic system which must itself replicate, adapt and grow and propagate

more - please?

Jim Marshall
Brisbane, Australia

 --- Jan Lelie <> wrote: > Dear
> I've been reading the Dutch version of:
> were Yves Decadt tries to explain how attractors,
> energy, information,
> organization and uncertainty are loosely coupled
> into a tight network of
> mutual interdependence shaping our universe. Based
> on Charles (!)
> Sanders Peirce's observation "nature has a tendency
> to create habits" he
> developed his notion of "average evolution". This is
> not the best of all
> worlds, not the worst but about average. We "are" on
> an average position
> between (minimal coherence, maximal spreading) and
> (maximal coherence,
> minimal spreading) - a kind of bell shape between a
> gas or plasma (almost
> everywhere were you look and see) and the rigorous
> framework of a diamond
> (hard to find).


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