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From: John Aldridge (
Date: 12/31/02

Replying to LO29691 --

Hi Mark,

I'd also like to thank you for sharing your presentation materials. I am
actually very excited to see the emergence of other new KM models. I would
like to get your input on a KM process I have developed. My research is
entitled, A multidimensional model for building knowledge assets: Applying
sociotechnical systems to online action research. I believe this KM
methodology exemplifies what you refer to as "the new KM," that is, this
online action-science approach dovetails OL theory with sociotechnical
systems theory on three broad levels; individual, workgroup, and
whole-organization. The framework for observing and codifying how
organizational managers plan, enact, interpret, and evaluate their own
actions as organizational learners is derived from what I call
"transformAction" research. TransformAction research is an integral and
multidimensional action-oriented research methodology. I call this new KM
process ActionPoint. It's a process that actually does something rather
than aggregate words on paper or in frames. It helps organizational
learners transform ideas into action thereby creating a space for new
knowledge--not simply aggregating unstructured/implicit and
structured/explicit information. I believe it achieves what N&T refer to
as "Actionable Knowledge." Would you be interested in discussing this
further? I'd be pleased to share this new technology with you and other
SOL members.


John Aldridge


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