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From: Fred Nickols (
Date: 01/01/03

Apologies for the cross-posting but, in the interests of efficiency, it's
the obvious thing to do.

First, let me make clear to any eagle-eyed moderators that I am NOT
attempting to draw any members away from this list (whichever one it might
be). Instead, I am announcing my general disengagement from the lists in
the address field above. I'm far too old to cover the entire waterfront
and so I am choosing to focus on the one issue that has held my attention
for more than 30 years: knowledge work and the problems associated with
improving its productivity. To that end I have established yet another
list on Yahoo. This one is titled KM-KW and it will focus first on
knowledge work and, second, on knowledge management. Anyone having any
interest in those discussions is free to sign up and participate. You can
find out more by searching on Yahoo's site for KM-KW or by sending me an

For what it's worth, I am not unsubscribing from any of the above lists,
however, my participation will be confined to quickly scanning the digest
versions and to occasionally commenting about issues where I genuinely
believe I have something worth saying.

A happy, healthy and prosperous New Year to all list members on all lists.


Fred Nickols

[Host's Note: Fred, thank you for all your wonderful contributions here
over the years. I wish you the very best and hope we'll hear from you from
time to time. ..Rick]


Fred Nickols <>

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