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From: Alan Cotterell (
Date: 01/07/03

I note the current media beat-up about cheats at Monash Uni, refers to
involvment of engineering students. I wonder, does the concept of
cheating run to inclusion of lecturers who teach the content of exams for
weeks prior to the event.

The fact is, the whole economic system runs on bullshit! Lecturers have
to maintain their pass rate, so unmotivated, untalented students are
shuttled through the system, and become 'leaders of industry'. It seems
five minutes after qualifying, many of these idiots are into managerial

The question I would ask is this : How many uni graduates actually start
up engineering businesses? I think you'll find virtually all engineering
businesses in Australia are initiated by British or American parent
companies, some of the smaller businesses are set up by tradesmen.
Almost none are begun by uni qualified engineers.

So where does that leave Australia? It leaves us with an economic system
in which there is no creativity or competitiveness. It leaves us
dependent on the US and Britain for ever, for leadership and our national

Best Regards,
Alan Cotterell

[Host's Note: Hmm... The mood on this side of the pond gets pretty dark
sometimes too. And, then peaks in absurdly euphoric bubbles. I've often
felt that things are never as bad as they seem in the dark periods.
  ... Rick]


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