Mike McMaster LO29791

From: ACampnona@aol.com
Date: 01/08/03

Dear Barry and Jan and LO,

Barry writes about a past (maybe still present;-) LO contributor Mike
McMaster. Mike has, so far as I know, spent a lot of free-energy studying
'complexity theory' and is connected with the Santa Fe (school) of
Complexologists. I have read some of his thinkings over the last five
years. This (distributed leadership) idea of 'emergence' reminds me very
much indeed of the Mary Parket-Follett idea of 'liquid leadership'. PF was
an extraordinary woman, human being. I have some essays by her - and if
anyone is interested I will post some on to LO for its convenience. I
think MPF recognised many aspects of leadership that are becoming
'fashionable' in large institutions today because she mixed with a wide
variety of social classes, unlike most CEO's and senior exec's who 'hang'
(imho) with people 'similar' to themselves.

Love and best wishes,

> In all, in an organization that uses
> self-organizing principles, we can say that leadership is an emergent
> response to the needs of the system and will shift among the members of
> the organization.

[Host's Note: No, I don't think Mike McMaster is following our LO dialogue
at this time. He was a subscriber and active contributor for some time.



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