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Date: 01/08/03

Replying to LO29784 --

To further add on to my previous post on the above subject ....

>My experience shows that when such differences occur, this is the most
>crucial point to start Collaborative Conversation using the 5 disciplines
>of the LO [Personal Mastery] [Shared Visions] [Mental Models] [Team
>Learning] and [Systems thinking].

More often than not, instead of reviewing the many differences in
perspectives, mental models and viewpoints, most people politely and
superficially make assumptions in their own mind, and on the surface there
seem to be no opposition, no differences, and conclude general agreement
for change management or paradigm shift ... (at times a few argue
violently about certain differences over a real issue, and it is normally
the one with higher official authority silence the rest with his or her
own view or conclusion and ask the rest to move on with the change
management or paradgim shift (of the advocate's interpretation) ...

Interesting dynamic just from the propostion of

"initiation into organization learning itself is a paradigm shift - a
massive change in looking at things - how do you manage it?"


Andrew, QuaSyLaTic


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