LO is an idea or goal? LO29799

From: leo minnigh (minnigh@dds.nl)
Date: 01/09/03

Replying to LO29764 --

Dear LO'ers, dear At,

Thank you for your reply and thank you for your "moncat"-fish example:
> I do not think that LOs are in the evolution of organisations a
> "vulnarable, weak and infertile" species. A rare species of plants or
> animals is usually rare because it has found a way to optimise its
> propagation. For example, a Clarius catfish female which scatters her
> eggs, lays thousands of eggs in the open. But an Ancistrus catfish female
> lays only some hundred eggs in a protected hole since the male will care
> for them until they have hatched and the fry have become free swimming.
> Clarius catfish species are usually abundant and an important source of
> food. Ancistrus catfish species are usually rare and anyway too tiny to
> eat.

> and occasionally an insect also living on the algae. In many rivers
> where
> alien Clarius catfish species have been introduced as a source of food,
> the indigenous fish species became extinct because of the Clarius'
> predacious nature. But it is impossible for Ancistrus catfish species to
> do this because their mouths have developed for scraping off algae and not
> to predate on other fishes, how tiny they may be.
> Fellow learners might want to look at pictures of the Clarius and
> Ancistrus catfishes. Go to
> < http://www.planetcatfish.com/core/index.htm >
> and click on the arrow next to "Cat-elog". Then, when this page
> appears, turn down the window on the left side until the family
> Clariidae appears. There are six Clarius species listed. Turn
> further down until the family Loricariidae appears. There are some
> three dozen Ancistrus species listed. Click on a species name and
> thumbnail bitmaps of it will appear in the right window.

I had a look at Clarius, the walking catfish. It looks not too sympathetic
:-) But was there a hidden goal or was it just accident - when I tried to
open the pages of Loricariidae my internet connection failed. These
species must have a really well acting protection system :-)

> No, it did not. It helped me to think of Christmas and how the LO fits
> with it. A few days before Christmas i experienced the urge to answer the
> question "Is the Kingdom of Heaven a LO?" I began studying the Bible to
> answer this question and made a discovery which surprised. me.
> Unfortunately, my computer screen at home broke and i still have to
> replace it before i can make a copy of my study and report it to fellow
> learners.

Well At, I do not know what to write - hoping for you that your home PC
will function again and that your Kingdom has not crashed too, or to wish
you a quiet and restful home to enjoy the family, fishes and plants
(instead of sitting behind such stupid aparatus) :-)))

With love,

Leo Minnigh


leo minnigh <minnigh@dds.nl>

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