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From: Ellery July (ejuly@NWAF.org)
Date: 01/10/03

Replying to LO29793 --

If one believes, as I do, that corporation must have some personal mastery
thus having a long term vision. Within that vision are many creative
tensions. Those creative tensions sometimes are distorted by incorrectly
assessing current reality. When that happens we do not comprehend, believe
or even see the bad consequences (pollution, war, abortion, unemployment,
lawsuits, and dependencies).

While using the term "most" I really mean most. Since I do not know every
company, I am not in a position to say all. Let me just say I am still
looking for a company, governmental entity, or religion which does not
have bad compensation systems, been known to treat some group of people
badly, and/or lack an understanding of how their tools, procedures, and
system negatively impact the world around us.

If you know of any please let me know. Otherwise my premise is given your
level of perfection there are no LO.

If one believes, as I do, that creating a learning organization is an
evolving process. Good learning companies change when the situation
(regulatory, financial, customers) changes within their own vision. LO
learn from their mistakes, and understand "progress not perfection" should
be the working tone.

As far as GE and Senge. Peter has used GE in many of his talks - he even
have given GE high praises for their mid-level profession training and
development work (Work-Out Program).

Now, have I ever worked for GE - No. Would I ever work for GE- No with
certainty. But I have read many studies of GE, its culture not my personal
cup of tea, but they do many more things well, then not.

Frankly I do not see most analogies as political but your responses lead
me to believe that you may. As for an analogy I would substitute the
words Bill Clinton's Family or George Bush's Family for Nazi and you could
come to the same conclusion.

ellery july
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Malcolm Burson wrote:
>I'm not sure that "most" is a sufficient reason to conclude that there
>are no learning organizations, but I, for one, would be content with the
>conclusion that treating employees badly, and ignoring the consequences
>of business which "negatively impact the world" would preclude one from
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"Ellery July" <ejuly@NWAF.org>

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