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Date: 01/16/03

Organization Design Forum
(formerly known as Association for the Management of Organization

2003 Annual Conference: Beyond Structure: Strategic Organization Alignment

Conference Announcement and Call for Presenters

The Organization Design Forum invites you to clear your calendar for April
27 thru April 30 and plan to attend our 2003 annual conference in Salem,
Massachusets. The theme of the conference is: "Beyond Structure:
Strategic Organization Alignment".

Organizations today face a new set of forces that mandate a different
approach to organizational design. This conference will significantly
increase participants' ability to identify the issues, design choices, and
approaches that better enable their organization to move beyond simply
design toward alignment of the organization elements for future success.

The Organization Design Forum is delighted to announce that Ed Lawler has
graciously accepted our invitation to keynote the 2003 conference. Ed is a
Distinguished Professsor of Management and Organization in the Marshall
School of Business at the University of Southern California. He is also
Director of the school's Center for Effective Organizations.

The 2003 Organization Design Forum Conference explores how organizations
move beyond just structure toward true alignment. The conference will

 - Pre-conference workshops.
 - Keynote and luncheon speakers.
 - Presentations and case studies that provide real world examples of
design principles application and tools associated with developing
 - "Open space" type discussions in small groups where participants can
explore the issues of greatest interest and importance to them.
 - Evening events designed for socializing and networking

We are seeking presenters with hands-on experience in aligning
organization through better design. We invite you to submit a proposal no
later than January 30, 2003.

Suggested topics (you may recommend others):

 - Compensation . . . total reward programs - myth or new math?
 - Job evaluation - is Hay still relevant?
 - Assessing/measuring the effectiveness of organization design efforts.
 - Where does organization design meet organization development?
 - How do you create a sense of smallness in a large company?
 - Establishing accountability, ownership for delivery and business
 - Shared Services and Centers of Expertise - synonyms or are they

 - How to measure ROI and value add to the business.
 - Developing, implementing and aligning organization vision, mission and
 - Rent vs. Buy - what capabilities should be owned vs. rented, bought vs.
 - Business processes, process management and the org chart hierarchy.
 - Process management - what is it, and can it really be done?
 - Beyond structure, what really is governance?
 - Decision making processes, committees, and vehicles.
 - The resurgence of Quality Management - 6 sigma, lean manufacturing,
 - Matrix organizations - what's different, capabilities, etc.
 - Multi-site, Multi-national, Multi-cultural...
 - Getting work done in the real organization: Collaborative working
processes, mechanisms, & tools.
 - Talent management, succession planning, and employee development.

Submission Information

Proposals must be received by January 30, 2003. Speakers will be selected
no later than February 15, 2003. We welcome multiple proposal submissions.
Please keep the proposal to two pages or less if possible. A proposal
template is provided below, or can be obtained via the website at

All speakers will be invited to attend the entire conference free of

Selections will be based on the following criteria:

 - Attraction: The extent to which the proposal is likely to attract
participants to the session, workshop, or presentation.
 - Theme Relevance: The extent to which the proposal relates to the theme
and outcomes of the conference.
 - Learning Clarity: The extent to which cases and real-life examples
clearly illustrate "lessons learned" such as sound design principles and
approaches. Case studies can be either successes or failures as long as
repeatable "lessons learned" are clear.
 - Practicality: The extent to which participants are likely to get
practical concepts, principles and practices that can be used in the

For more information about the Organization Design Forum, visit the
Resources section of our web site (

Submit proposals electronically using Microsoft Word to Tom Chase, Manager
of Administration at or by fax to
(603) 942-8190. If you have questions, feel free to contact Tom at the
above email address or via telephone at (603) 942-5994.

We look forward hosting a conference with high value content and a wide
range of participants. We hope to see you there.

Best Regards,

Pat Keith
Conference Chair

Organization Design Forum
2003 Conference Proposal Submittal Template

Please limit to 2 pages!!!
Presenter Information (Name, Company, Address, Email, Phone required)

Proposal Overview (Name of the presentation and 50 words or less

Outcomes (What would participants know or be able to do as a result of the

Approach (Describe the approach or outline the content you will share to
reach the outcomes)


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