Where is history? LO29865

From: Barry Mallis (theorgtrainer@earthlink.net)
Date: 01/29/03

Replying to LO29855 --

Dearest Andrew,

You shared such a wonderful basket of thoughts. Let's stay on this
springtime spread and picnic.
> I think we may approach a time soon enough when 'good' men and women seek
> nothing but 'death', their own. I often wonder at what form it will take.
> That's a very radical things to write isn't it Barry. Leyton wrote
> something that fascinates me, he wrote that it is possible to think at a
> level at which those thoughts become reality. That is a terrible thought
> in the best sense of the word. I think great scientists and artists and
> spiritual leaders know this in a way we can only guess at. I think such
> thinking comes from much dying. I am sorry for the confusion, I wrote this
> 'a la prima' - is that how one writes it ;-)

There! We're there already! Nothing to approach, because the death is all
around us.

And we have been for so long surrounded, since consciousness itself opened
its eye. But our eyes are so terribly blinder-ed, like those of a horse
pulling the hay wain. My eyes are so terribly narrowed by occupation of
space and thought and action.

We're there already where we chance to seek death. Listen, Rumi some 800
years ago said it all when he said that we must DIE INTO THIS LIFE. Die
over and over again. Whatever on earth and in space did he mean, d'you

Let me reword his verse:

Die, die,
whoever you are,
wanderer, worshipper,
lover of leaving. Die, though
you have broken your vows
a thousand times before!
Die! Ours is not a caravan of despair.

Listen, Andrew, all the grit, grease, nuts ;-) bolts (!) and ravings on
this list fall away in the weightless sublimity of his intuition. Our
Learning Organization becomes the battle between relativity (our desire in
this moment to read, know, apply, exploit) and quantum mechanics with its
principle of uncertainty. Rumi antimatter? What's the matter?

The stream some several meters outside my back door remains covered in
snow mostly, with several openings upstream where ice water flows quickly
to the eye's touch. Brrrrr.



Barry Mallis <theorgtrainer@earthlink.net>

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