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Date: 01/30/03

Dear LO, the next few lines are from private notes last week or
thereabouts concerning a topic contained in published material I came upon
by way of Ovid;-)

> Ray asks,
> "Are you talking about our economy or the Marcel Mauss study on the economy
> of giving?" -
> (Andrew replied) this paper is inspired by Mauss. I have decided that since
> (at
> the top) it is permissioned for free copyright, in whole or part, it's best
> to send it on to Rick intact, unedited, and perhaps, if Rick thinks it ok
> to make it openly available in the best way to LO, maybe as a pdf
> 'download' attachment.

Rick has made the document available in the LO archive. It's at Thanks Rick for doing

There is somewhere a human theory about smallness of 'time' that goes
something like; act spontaneous and all that will become will be love. ;-)

I have a question for the marketeers of 'visions'. When is vision become

Sometimes I work with groups of people. Sometimes I get them to work
spontaneously on sheets of paper...I give them a number of really quite
meaningless instructions, do so many images every minute, use this and
that colour, use this hand not that hand...and they do and don't ;-)
because they are human, all too human;-) And then we assemble the images
like a tapestry or carpet of many colours, and they parts become a whole
and there is less discord than you might think as image calls out to
image. And we cull to beautiful from the not beautiful, and then maybe we
pull the very not beautiful from the not beautiful, and then from the very
not beautiful now very much at the edge of will, intent, and good feeling
--> we discard all but the very not beautiful, we might take a journey in
something we might otherwise (sic) have missed entire, we skirt the edge
of the edge...we might even examine beyond that edge to the boards that
supported the edge while the very centre took shape and we read things
there. About five years ago I did this with a group of people, and beside
me I have an image from that even we missed.

Imagine two lines descending at about 45 degrees from left to right, they
are co-created where a brush has split at the end as the pigment ran out
and made two perfect descending fractal blue lines that, at a certain
point or level flattened out and become broader and so become like two
feet by which way they stop, and these two lines straddle the oblong field
of the image. Then, above the higher line is written in complementary
orange 'FREE' and below the lower line is written 'CALM'.

I have spent many hours, days, weeks, months and years wondering what some
people have set against others, that such a proclamation goes invisible on
its way through to eternity and has to live that way. Twenty odd years ago
my friend the artist Len McComb said, ' Andrew --we must BOTH listen to
OUR INNER lives. and to DO so, CALMNESS is ESSENTIAL with LOVE, Len' (my

Beamish (he of the whales;-) writes of a 'collective unconscious' (a la
Jung) which (is) embodied in 'a who' who 'becomes' ..."every organism
within the local system and potential "caretakers" (communication leaders)
between local systems. Transfer of information under low stress conditions
if it is Rhythm Based Communication, (non-evolutionary re: power over
'other') becomes altruistic. "Caretaker Contact" is essential now I feel
for our evolutionary survival. It is a natural process available to
anyone, anytime for FREE.;-) (Nam et ipsa scientia potestas est. Francis
Bacon) - This is the power to create. The power to create more useful
(altruistic) knowledge. Art and especially music it seems, is a half way
house, toward the chamber of Altruism as Beamish calls it. But any
aesthetical state brings this forward from background ;-) to foreground.

To create a work of art, it seems to me, you have to do a hell of a lot of
letting go;-)

I miss my art teacher very much. I am fortunate in finding others along
the way. I recently joined some Turner to something that emerged under my
gaze one morning...maybe one day it will see the light of the
meantime, from the very centre of the completely handwritten covered card
of an apple blossom on which Len evokes calm he wrote this, " I believe
like Blake that one can only arrive at the universal by embracing the
Minute particular. The vortex of the late JMW Turner storms carries within
its tumult the preciousness of a raindrop."

I believe that Jesus placed one thing above miracles among men,
forgiveness. Forgiveness from the heart. Forgive then create - that's a
pattern I am coming to see At, so you see it in the desert of emergences

Please excuse me, there is a snow storm gathering outside and a young
person is waiting for me elsewhere;-) I have to go earn my living.


Maybe later Rick, we can put some of these images into the archive?

[Host's Note: We can certainly do that. And, this is an open invitation
for others who have images or documents appropriate for sharing. I do not
distribute attachments over the LO list mechanism, but I'll put them on
the web and link from your msg. ..Rick]


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