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From: AM de Lange (
Date: 01/31/03

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Dear Organlearners,

Jan Lelie <> writes:

>Perhaps i should make it clear that i do not believe in an
>after life: every becoming should be done here and now.

Greetings dear Jan,

I do believe in an after life. At first i accepted it blindly. But later
on, as i began to understand how the world evolves from the less to more
complex, i began to understand why there is an after life. But enough of

You are right, we should grab at every opportuinity in this life to
become. Life is about transforming the "now" to the "other side of now",
leavibf the "now" behind as history.

>Also i think that a KoH and a LO is not a situation or a
>process that will ever exist. I treat both as metaphores,
>symbols, concepts, constructions, notions, ideas, myths.

I have had the experience some thrity years ago of participating in two
"tacit LOs". (I mean by "tacit" that they existed twenty years before
Senge managed to articulate such an existence in his The Fifth
Discipline). Because of this experience, and subsequent experiences the
last five years, again with "tacit LOs", i cannot except the LO as a
metaphor. But if you mean that the name "learning organisation" does not
capture the full essence of such an organisation, i may agree with you.
The name "living organisation" expresses what is deficient in "learning

In my language Afrikaans, when having two words like "learning
organisation" which express one concept, we will concatenate them as
"learnorganisation" using the simple tense "learn" rather than the gerund
"learning". Perhasp, should Senge have done this, we would have been
spared a lot of confusion. "Learnorganisation" and "Learning Organisation"
would simply have meant two different things.

>I do think however that something that is not real
>or cannot become real may have real implications.

Long ago i had a similar viewpoint. But presently i consider all things as
real. When another person feels something, knows it tacitly or even
imagine it, it is real. It may not be concrete or be spoken about, but
that does not make it unreal. Because it is real, it "may have real
implications" to use your words. What would the world have been without
the giants of imagination?

Accorsing to my own experiences, the LO exists without requiring
imagination to exist. But even if it was merely an imaginative concept, it
"may have real implications" ;-) The same goes for the KoH.

With care and best wishes


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