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From: Jan Lelie (
Date: 03/06/03

Replying to LO29968 --

Hello Jason and other minds, brains, souls and spirits,

I've been using The Brain for a while, a few years ago. I was - and still
am - looking for tools supporting our way of facilitating meetings using
computers and cards. I organized my stuff in it, because it has a nice,
intuitive interface and it promised an opportunity to share data,
knowledge, information over the web. I also used it for presentations.
Later on they changed the software - adding a few features i did like,
some i didn't - but i stopped using it as i was unable to share data
effectively over the net. Perhaps it should be maried to WikiWiki and
Google like search engines. I now use MindManger sometimes or Ygnius to
capture ideas and structure.

I must add that i do not believe in knowledge management (or in Learning
Organizations) as such, but have no time to spare to eloborate here and


Jan Lelie wrote:

>Has anyone made use of a knowledge-management product called "The Brain"?
>I think it's on the web at If you have, what have you
>used it for, and how would you describe your experience of using it?


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