Peace and War LO29981

From: Rian Lelie (
Date: 03/09/03

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Thanks Alan,

A few week ago there circulated an article in The Netherlands that also
compared WOI to the current crisis (and not with - as usual with generals,
the previous wars). Your details support this view. The nice thing of
these stories - including the current situation - is the ineventability of
the outcome. It both makes sense and doesn't. Trying to prevent war will
only make it worse. Best "solution" would have been that the USA had
attacked Iraq rapidly, with the argument that the USA was / is in a statte
of cognitive dissonance. The UN should have prescribed war to the USA.
Human beings will never stop to amaze everybody, but their reality will
never convince anybody.


Jan Lelie

> What frightens me is the way we are all 'programmed' to behave like
> lemmings. The following article displays a disturbing side to the human


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