Peace and War LO29992

Date: 03/12/03

Replying to LO29987 --

Peace to you, At, and to all of you on LO:

I think the word that typifies the change of heart At mentions below is
grace -- unmerited favour. From it flows love, harmony, and forgiveness.
I have received much grace in my life, and I (with much difficulty)
endeavor to dispense it to others.

>Constructive creativity culminates in our unrestricted love for God,
>fellow humans and the rest of nature. For eons humankind made laws to
>prevent inhumane acts like war, cannibalism and terrorism. Those who
>broke the laws had to be punished, i.e., defend the society with offense
>against the offender. But already 2000 years ago Jesus Christ came with a
>new message. Although these laws cannot be undone, they have at most the
>power to coerce a person in doing good. What is needed is a change of
>heart by which fellow humans are dignified and served with love in a
>spontaneous manner.

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