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From: Jan Lelie (
Date: 03/18/03

Replying to LO29990 --

Thanks Alan, hello reader,

I enjoyed your contribution and like to add some thoughts, but, strangly,
i have no idea what to think.

I thought now that because every thought, every idea, every truth is a
construct, a set of attribution made by our brain, - a brain constructed
under the impulses, the tensions, by the blind forces of nature - every
idea i have contains a self-referential, self-assertive notion. I refer
back to myself, back to my body / mind. Reality feels real because i have
a body that feels real. This cognitive bias might have lead me to conclude
that there is one reality outside myself, because it feels like that, and
project every every doubt, every fear to something outside myself. The
outside world reflects my notions back - being of a neutral nature. Forget

Kind regards,


Alan Cotterell wrote:

>You might find this article interesting, it is relevant to the cognitive
>dissonance subject. I think it says that our truth is dependent on the
>current paradigm, and that we may be deaf to alternatives:
> Cognitive Relativism
>Cognitive relativism asserts the relativity of truth. On the other hand,
>moral relativism asserts the relativity of morality. Because of the close
>connections between the concept of truth and concepts such as rationality
>and knowledge, cognitive relativism is often taken to encompass, or imply,
>the relativity of both rationality and knowledge.

>The relativist must therefore hold that relativism is both true and false.
>To this the relativists can reply that while relativism may indeed be
>false from certain perspectives, these are not perspectives that
>consistent relativists will be committed to. In fact, they will argue, of
>those who accept the major paradigm shifts that have characterized
>philosophy over the last two centuries, relativists can claim to be the
>most consistent, since they alone accept the full implications of these
>shifts for our notions of truth and rationality.
>Emrys Westacott
>Alfred University


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