post script the Lamb LO30008

Date: 03/20/03

Replying to LO30007 --

In the time it takes -- 09.39 AM GMT the smaller 'one' has passed away,
while the other stays and lives on .

The Angel that presided --
Said, ' Little creature formed of joy and mirth,
' Go love without help of any Thing on Earth.'

Dearest At, " Blake's mind warmed his listener's, kindled his imagination;
almost creating in him a new sense." Gilchrist ;-) his 'friend';-)

I assert that for My Self that I do not behold the outward Creation & that
to me it is hindrance & not Action;...'What' it will be Question'd, 'When
the Sun rises, do you not see a round disk if fire somewhat like a
guinea?' O no, no, I see an Innumerable company of the Heavenly host
crying, 'Holy,Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty.' I question not my
Corporeal or Vegetative Eye any more than I would question a Window
concerning a Sight. I look thro' it and not with it. - Blake, A Vision of
the Last Judgement.

"-- My point was (is) that there are two ways of looking at natural
selection, the gene's angle and that of the individual. If properly
understood they are equivalent; two views of the same truth. You can flip
from one to the other and it will still be the I think this
metaphor too cautious. Rather than propose a new theory or unearth a new
fact, often the most important contribution a scientist can make is
discovering a new way to see old theories or fact. -- Angles unlike
theories cannot judged by experiment; we cannot resort to our familiar
criteria of verification and falsification. But a change of vision can, at
its best, achieve something loftier than a new theory. It can usher in a
whole new climate of thinking, in which many exciting and testable
theories are born, and unimagined facts laid bare. The metaphor of the
Necker Cube misses this completely. It captures the idea of a flip in
vision, but fails to do justice to its value.
What we are talking about is not a flip to an equivalent view but, in extreme
cases, a transfiguration."
Dawkins Preface to 1989 edition The Selfish Gene.

In the flyleaf of Peter Beamish's book "TIME" beyond 'conventional time' handwritten - To Andrew Campbell (then) Richard Dawkins ...(in ink) Nov

So many creative collapses all before the sun has risen to thirty degrees;-)
and still not handed on ;-)...

The last four lines of Peter's book are:-
"Yes the Music of Nature is playing all about you,
And some creatures of Nature prefer now to shout thru,
To proclaim that a world peace is destined to transpire,
If we take from the new world and give it to the human choir."

We seem to be back with angels, pinheads, and other things ;-)

" Blake's mind warmed his listener's, kindled his imagination; almost
creating in him a new sense." Gilchrist ;-) his 'friend';-)

That's my learning, this morning

...and, here is a URL
wherein is written the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Perhap
someone here could go find it, open it, write it out and put it fully here.
The last one # 42. says,
" Everybody should know about the rights of this Convention, adults and
children, and the governments should tell people about them."



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